Cat owners should know that dogs are not the only pets at risk of getting heartworm disease and intestinal parasites.
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Heartworms affect cats differently than dogs, yet the disease they cause is equally serious.
Even immature heartworms can significantly damage feline lungs, causing severe respiratory disease – now known as heartworm-associated respiratory disease (HARD) – that’s often misdiagnosed as feline asthma or allergic bronchitis.2

Just a single adult heartworm can be fatal to a cat.

Immature heartworms cause more of the clinical signs seen in cats.

All cats are at risk, even indoor cats.
While indoor cats are at lower risk for heartworms and intestinal parasites than outdoor cats, an indoor lifestyle alone does not protect a cat.
It’s time to change the prevailing presumption about cats and internal parasites.

The palatable once-a-month tablet that prevents heartworm disease and removes adult roundworms and hookworms in cats and kittens six weeks of age or greater and 1.5 Ibs. body weight or greater.

  Important Safety Information
Dogs and cats should be tested for existing heartworm infection prior to use. In a small percentage of treated dogs, digestive and neurologic side effects may occur. Safety in heartworm-positive cats has not been established. Safety in breeding, pregnant, and lactating queens and breeding toms has not been established. To see the product label with complete safety information click here.

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