Intestinal parasites can cause serious health problems in dogs.
Protection is key.
Providing regular protection against harmful intestinal parasites such as roundworms,
*hookworms and whipworms is critical to protecting your dog's health. After all, worms can be present at any time, even in cooler climates. Trust Interceptor® (milbemycin oxime) to help keep your dog protected from these intestinal parasites.
*A. caninum
Roundworms can be transmitted by ingesting contaminated soil or fecal matter or by eating infected animals, like rodents. Puppies can contract roundworms through the placenta or their mother's milk.
Common signs include diarrhea, vomiting, stunted growth,
bloated belly.

Hookworms infect dogs by ingestion of 3rd stage larvae, larval penetration of the skin, ingestion of hosts with infective larvae in their tissues or larvae passing in the mother's milk.
Common signs include weight loss and bloody diarrhea.

Whipworms are difficult to detect and control. Ingestion of infective eggs, which can survive in soil for up to 7 years, is the most common way dogs are infected.
Common signs include diarrhea, dehydration and loss of appetite.

  Important Safety Information
Dogs and cats should be tested for existing heartworm infection prior to use. In a small percentage of treated dogs, digestive and neurologic side effects may occur. Safety in heartworm-positive cats has not been established. Safety in breeding, pregnant, and lactating queens and breeding toms has not been established. To see the product label with complete safety information click here.

*A. caninum
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