Cat owners should know that dogs are not the only pets at risk
for getting heartworm disease and intestinal parasites.
Protection is key.
There are no approved treatments for heartworm disease in cats so help your cat by focusing on prevention. Ask your veterinarian about Interceptor® (milbemycin oxime). By giving your cat Interceptor every month, you will help keep your cat healthy and prevent heartworm disease.

All cats are at risk. Heartworm disease is becoming much more recognized as a disease that threatens cats as well as dogs. If there are dogs diagnosed with heartworm in your area, then your cat is at risk.

While indoor cats are at lower risk for heartworm disease and intestinal parasites than outdoor cats, an indoor lifestyle alone does not protect a cat.

What are the effects of heartworms on cats? Heartworms can cause illness and possibly even death. The most common clinical signs are coughing, wheezing or respiratory distress and vomiting that is not associated with eating.

What other parasites threaten cats? Intestinal parasites including roundworms and hookworms also threaten your cat. Signs of hookworms include weakness, weight loss and dull appearance of fur. Roundworm signs are vomiting, diarrhea and stunted growth.
roundworms hookworms

Easy Monthly Protection*
Interceptor is a crunchy, beef-flavored tablet that may be offered as a treat or placed in the cat's food.

For cats who prefer dry food:
Cut tablets into quarters and add to bowl with dry food.

For cats who prefer canned food:
Crush and place in favorite canned food or small amount of tuna or sardine water.

For cats who like treats:
Include whole or quartered tablet in specially formulated treats designed to hold medication. Make sure your cat consumes the entire dose.

*Watch the cat closely following dosing to be sure the entire dose has been consumed.

The palatable once-a-month tablet that prevents heartworm disease and removes adult roundworms and hookworms in cats and kittens.

Cat dosing details

Interceptor for Cats is indicated for use in the prevention of heartworm disease, and the removal of adult hookworm and roundworm in cats and kittens six weeks of age or greater and 1.5 Ibs. body weight or greater.

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  Important Safety Information
Dogs and cats should be tested for existing heartworm infection prior to use. In a small percentage of treated dogs, digestive and neurologic side effects may occur. Safety in heartworm-positive cats has not been established. Safety in breeding, pregnant, and lactating queens and breeding toms has not been established. To see the product label with complete safety information click here.

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